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My Acne Is Embarrassing: Can You Help?

My Acne Is Embarrassing: Can You Help?

While the reason acne blemishes form is no secret, it remains a mystery why some people are more affected than others. When your acne is worse than your friends’ or classmates’, it can be an embarrassing condition that makes you feel self-conscious. 

Equally frustrating can be the struggle to find a combination of skin care products and techniques that help. When over-the-counter acne products and your home care regimen fail to conquer your acne, it’s time to partner with Dr 2 Kids, Smita Tandon, MD. Dr. Tandon and her team can help you find the right solution to gain ground on acne. 

The reasons behind acne

There are four factors that cause acne blemishes. 

As you enter adolescence, hormone production creates many changes in your body, and your skin can change dramatically too. A thin layer of a natural oil called sebum protects the surface of your skin. It’s constantly renewed, and sometimes production goes haywire. Too much sebum combines with the dead cells that your skin sheds as new cells form. 

This sticky oil-and-skin combination can collect in hair follicles, which are connected to the glands that produce sebum. Not only are they plugged, those glands could be pumping more oil in behind the blockage. 

These clogged follicles can now become inflamed, creating the characteristic redness of acne. Clogged pores are also an ideal haven for bacteria, further aggravating the redness and growth of the blemish. Blackheads and whiteheads are the same issue. Blackheads get their dark appearance from exposure to air, while whiteheads are closed at the surface. 

Not related to hygiene

Despite the abundance of skin oil and the dirty appearance of blackheads, acne has nothing to do with poor hygiene habits. It’s natural to react to acne by washing more often, more vigorously, and with stronger soaps, but these steps may irritate your skin and could make your acne problem worse. 

Home care for acne should include the following steps: 

Even when you follow these steps faithfully, it may not be enough. While virtually every case of acne has a treatment solution, you may need to see a doctor for access to prescription products. 

When to seek help for acne

Contact Dr. Tandon when your home care routine doesn’t help to reduce your acne problem. It becomes more urgent when acne scars start to form, or when acne blemishes darken your skin. As with many medical issues, the sooner you start effective treatment, the easier it is to experience effective relief. 

Even if your acne isn’t severe, but it affects your mood or emotions, making you feel embarrassed or shy, it’s OK to visit Dr. Tandon. Your feelings are an important part of your well-being. While stress won’t cause acne, it can make outbreaks worse. Acne itself can be a source of stress, so seek treatment help if it’s bothering you. 

You can reach Dr 2 Kids, Smita Tandon, MD by phone or online at her Fountain Valley, California, office to make an appointment. Book your session now. 

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