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Treating Adolescents and Young Adults in Irvine and Costa Mesa

You may not consider your teenager or young adult as a child, but they are. Pediatrics is not just for small children. A pediatrician also delivers comprehensive care for adolescents, teenagers and young adults. The teen years are a special time in their lives with special medical needs and emotional stresses that often require help from trained professionals.

The years from age 12 to 21 represent a period of rapid growth, dramatic physical changes and hormonal issues and a discovery of self. For many teens and their families, it can also be a confusing period because they are pulled in so many different directions. That’s why we do everything possible to teach them how to prevent disease and learn to practice healthy behaviors. Our services include:

  • Sports and school physicals
  • Sports injuries
  • Acne treatment and other skin condition treatments
  • Help with drug/alcohol problems
  • Nutritional counceling for eating disorders and obesity
  • STDs, birth control and pregnancy prevention
  • Coping with domestic and interpersonal violence
  • Immunization to protect against diseases

Get your questions about adolescent and young adult health answered at DR2KIDS. Call us at 714.241.1777 or take advantage of our convenient Request an Appointment form. Our adolescent and young adult patients come to us from the Southern California cities of Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Irvine and surrounding Orange County locations.

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Our mission is to deliver a lifetime of quality healthcare to every child we see in a clean, friendly, professional and safe environment. Because childhood health experiences are so important, our goal is to act as role models for your child and as supportive partners for you. Find out why Dr. Smita Tandon is the best choice in caring for your child.

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